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We help our clients to improve their business growth with different kinds of IT services like:

Property Preservation:

  • Property Preservation and Data processing services
  • Home Ianspection services    
  • Other data entry process

We understand that ‘Data’ is a ‘Fact’ and processing is the ‘art & science’  of representing this  fact in a simplifies form that helps in faster and effective decision making, saves time & money .

We specialized in Field Service Processing and Data Entry for Property Preservation companies using the client oriented applications. We process Photos, Invoices, BIDS, Reports, etc  for various Property Preservation companies in through out Unites States.

Our data entry operators are well educated, efficient, trained & have best experience in the this industry by working with U.S based Preservation Companies and we strive to keep their level of expectation by adhering to the quality.

We provide all the data entry related needs for Field Services, such as REO/PFC Grass Cut orders, Janitorial /Winterization Orders, PPO Orders, Maintenance orders, Preservation Orders (Initial secure, Perform per bid, Conveyance conditions, Securing, Deed-In lieu, etc.), Bid processing & Zero Bill work orders also we derive estimates from the pictures provided and submit for client approval based on the client procedure by adding required profit and margin .

Since our team has specialized estimators who has adequate knowledge in U.S house construction materials / labor /cost involvement , we do provide direct estimate based on the pictures provided .